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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Then along came the witches...

My very first witch was made by my hubby and dressed by me... she's not perfect, but.. she has the most amazing fingernails and a really pointy witches chin and nose. She will eventually have a nice little witches stall to lord over in one of Hazel Hill streets.

The first witch I purchased was the lovely Agatha.....

Julie of Bellabelle Dolls sculpted her and she is delightful. She lives in Hazell Hill at Tumbleton Tower, but can often can be found reading to the little witches in the Wizards and Wands Bookstore.

She has wonderful stripey stockings and black shoes 

My little witch is Mischievious Maddy
Bought at Miniatura 2009, she was made by our lovely Nicky of Nickys Dolls and Critters
She is lovely and this photo doesn't do her justice, so I will take another one soon!

Then along came Gertie and she is very special. Hubby bought her for my birthday at Minatura 2010 and then he went onto make her a wonderful cottage and glasshouse of her own ;0)

Jain of Giddy Kipper Dolls sculpted her and I never fail to smile when I peek through her cottage window and see her snoozing by the fire :0)

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  1. I just logged back on, only to see a new post! Oh my look at these! lol I love Nicky C's little witch, I don't think I've seen her before.

    I love the witch that Hwyell made though, I love her hands! lol I don't think I knew your hubby made her and you then dressed her. My Mum has made a few characters herself...witches and wizards and has dressed them all and given them accessories too.

    Have you ever counted to see how many dolls you have? I have no idea how many I have, and I have only a few compared to you. :o))

    Michelle xxx

  2. Hi Michelle,

    It's only since starting this blog that I have realised how many dolls I actually have, though as yet I haven't counted! Because they are all in different houses and areas, I hadn't really noticed before.

    My little witch is always in the library of Wizards and Wands, sitting on the floor in front of the fire.

    Hywel made me the witch many moons ago. He is much better at faces now and has just made a few to go in his dark arts room, but I moan about having to dress them! She has wonderful red painted finger nails ;) I would love to see your mums witches xxxx

  3. Hi Julia, Lovely to see the goblin and Gertie again. Thank you for including them here. It's a great showcase of all your dolls. Hywels witches nails are awsome!!!! Jain xx