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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

And so it began....

Many moons ago, long after I had started creating houses and interiors in miniature, I discovered little characters to adorn my scenes. Starting with my first 12th scale doll... 'The Flower Seller' which I bought from the very talented Julie of Bellabelle Dolls   my collection has grown and continues to grow to this day.

Then during a recent email conversation with a fellow miniaturist, the idea for me to have a blog purely to showcase my fabulous character dolls and the links to their makers was born.

So here we are, my Wizards and Wands blog, named after my favourite 12th scale possession, wonderfully made by my husband.... my Wizards and Wands Bookstore! It seemed very apt to use this name as many of my characters are wizard or witch based ... and because I have used wands in the name, I can now show my little wands and wizardly purchases here too :)

So, enough waffling and let's get on with meeting my 12th scale characters, starting with the Vicar!

The vicar was beautifully made for me by Julie of Bellabelle Dolls back in roughly 2007!

The vicar is always found in my 'Olde Abbey' where you can also find...

Mr and Mrs Clickett....

Bought from Margmurphy on Ebay, Mrs Clickett came first and used to be the Post office lady.. until I sold the Post Office!

Then along came Mr Clickett with his evening read...

and Pete the parkie, who I have yet to photograph!!

Some time later, the inhabitants of Victorian Villa arrived!

I bought the little chimney sweep in Miniatura and he sits in front of the Range fire toasting his bread....

Keeping him company or rather snoring loudly is the cook.... a very lucky ebay find!

Whilst upstairs in the nursery, a little baby sleeps sweetly....

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  1. Julie's Vicar is brilliant :) I've not seen Mrs Clickett before she's a lovely character and her hands are perfectly positions holding her cat. Margaret makes some wonderful old folks doesn't she xxxxx

  2. Hi Joy :)
    Margaret's dolls are some of my first along with Julie's. Mrs Clickett was holding her knitting untill today, but I thought she suited a cat better ;0)xxx

  3. Gosh, you must have loads of dolls and been collecting a fair ole while! I've not see these before. I love Mrs Clickett? What a wonderful way to show your collection...never thought that little conversation would have sparked this... :o))

    Dolls were not on my list of wants either, but after joining Blogland, (your idea!!) that's when the photo's I saw of dolls came to life (from only seeing them in magazines until then) when I saw them on blogs. :o)

    I'm still having trouble reading the font...if others can see fine and dandy...it's all me! lol ;o)

    Michelle xxx

  4. Hi Michelle,

    See what you started ;0) LOL I think it will be great to have them all on one blog, it has taken me ages today to go through old pages to find when I got which, so this will be a great catalogue for me!
    Mrs Clickett used to be in the Post office and my old Terrace House! She has popped up on old blog posts a very long time ago!

    I have changed the font colour and font, maybe that has helped?
    Julia xxxx

  5. Oh Julia I love your dolls1 The sleeping cook is my favorite so far.
    This blog was a wonderful idea, I always enjoy looking at other's collections.


  6. You made Mrs Clickett and her cat homeless! lol

    What house are they all in...namely the cook and the little lad on the high up stool? Is that oven a Phoenix kit, if it is, I have it too, only I've not made mine up! lol

    The font colour is soooo much better and I can read it sooo much easier now. Thank you! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  7. Thanks Victoria, I love the sleeping cook too, she was a wonderful ebay find some years ago, but I don't who the maker was as the seller couldn't remember! If anyone out there recognices her, I would love to know :)xx

  8. LOL Michelle, I feel bad now!! They are quite comfy in the Abbey ;0)

    The cook, chimney sweep boy and baby are in my victorian Villa house, the big victorain house hubby made me for my birthday 3 years ago. The oven wasn't a kit, it's a Hearth and Home? ready made oven and surround.

    Glad the font and colour is better now :0)

  9. Hi,

    Your cook looks like a doll from Carole Cook , Bags of Character.

    Margaret x