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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bloomin Awful Florists!!

Welcome to 'Bloomin Awful Florists'

This little florsits is still under construction in that it needs an 'outdoor' space and some shelf filling, but as its been such a long time since I last updated this blog, I decided not to wait any longer. 

So welcome to my latest witchy project,' Bloomin Awful Florits'  the latest addition to my witchy Village:  Hazel Hill

If we peek through the door of the little florists, we can just see .....

Morag has been looking after plants for many years now, but still hasn't quite got the hang of it. In fact, poor Morag is guilty of spending too much time eating birds nest soup and bread and not tending to her plants!

Morag would firmly deny this though and blames the untimely die back of her poor plants on slugs!
So everday, she takes her cane and goes 'slugbashing' Luckily, the slugs are wise to her ways now and they stay out of her little shop!

Morag has a couple of little helpers in the shop; Milly and Molly, who take care of the little withered plants and cast little magic spells to restore them to their full beauty when a prospective purchaser comes along. 

If you peek through the window again, you can see some of the fresh green leaves from restored plants

But don't tell Morag is was Milly and Molly who looks after the plants, that's a little magic not to be shared :)

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  1. LOVED reading this Julia! I don't think you could've chosen a better name for Morag - it's just wonderful and the furniture looks fab xxx