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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Meeting the Peeswick Family

My first family to move into Hazel Hill are the Peeswick Family.
 Handsculpted for me by Joy of Adora Bella Dolls they are deligfhtful and perfect for the scene setting I have in Hazel Hill.

Angus is the head of the household and runs the village Apothecary....

Whilst 'mum' Alice runs the local magical pet shop.....

where Neville their 'son' will call in to on his way home from gathering newts!!

Inside the Petshop, there is a variety of little magical creatures, hand made for me by Nicky

There is Casius the Crow, who refuses to sit in his cage and would much rather perch on top!!

and Rompold the Rat, who sits on the shop counter guarding his stacks of magic tips!!

The pet shop is yet to be named and will be filled with yet more magical creatures, some of which I already have but have yet to photograpgh.. so I will edit this post this week :0)

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