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Saturday, 28 September 2013

How time flies!

Where has this year gone?
The last time I was here I was wishing everyone a happy new year and now, before I know it, we are nine months into 2103 and Halloween will be upon us before we can blink!
2013 has been a very busy year for us, with the opening of our 'real life' Dolls House Shop in Swansea Market and preparing for the Miniatura Dolls House Show that we now exhibit in twice a year.
So, my own projects have slipped and I have been so busy making miniatures for sale in our shop that I haven't really had time to begin a project for myself. But... that has changed in the last week since my purchase of a 24th Scale house!
Yes! I am tentatively dipping my toes (or should that be large fingers) into a tiny 24th project!
It all began with a purchase of a 24th scale house and 2 amazingly small dolls by Joy (Adora bella Minis) 
The house was in dire need of a face lift as the blue was a little too bright for my liking!
So, out came the paints and after a couple of coats and some ageing processes, the blue house was transformed into an old looking cottage called 'Toad Hall'
Look at how small it is! This plant is not so big really!

Looking at the little house, I decided it really did need a garden, so after hunting the garage for a suitably size MDF board, I begun to add shingle paths and grass around the cottage.
Now, I had the little house with garden and the two residents: Mr and Mrs Brown... but alas, they had not a stick of furniture!
So, whilst at Miniatura, I hovered around Petite Properties table and chose my 24th scale furniture kits... lots of them!
Once back at home, Hywel made me a little chimney and fireplace to fit in the house, whilst I worked on giving them a fancy dresser and a table and two chairs to sit at!
Tonight I shall have a go at making a sofa and maybe the grandfather clock.
I must admit, this scale is easily becoming quite addictive. The kits are lovely to make up and I am enjoying working with a smaller building. I can see this cottage getting a neighbouring house one day, but not for a while. One tiny house at a time is enough and I am thoroughly enjoying working on this little one :)

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  1. I know this year has flown! Look forward to following your blog :-)